Asset Protection Trusts 2.0


One of the most informative ebooks on the subject of non-statutory trusts available!

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This ebook is a must to add to any collection of study materials on the topic of trusts, common law trusts, and basically any asset protection vehicle. Learn the basics and the advanced concepts of how to protect assets using non-statutory legal entities.

Discover the legal secrets that are totally legal and available for you to protect yourself and your freedom. Included is an appendix with 18 example documents and all the guidance you need to correctly authenticate your trust documents, fill out legal forms, and obtain state citizenship.




  • Instant downloadable ebook
  • 88 pages
  • 13 illustrations
  • 18 example legal forms
  • 14 chapters, 3 appendices
  • 36 footnotes
  1. About the Book
  2. What is an Asset Protection Trusts?
  3. Express Trusts Under Common Law
  4. Trustees
  5. Maintaining Offices, Holding Meetings or Carrying On Internal Affairs
  6. Owning, Buying and Selling Real Estate or Personal Property
  7. Renting or Leasing Real Estate or Personal Property
  8. Maintaining Bank Accounts
  9. Issuing, Transferring, Exchanging and Registering Capital or Trust Units
  10. Owning or Operating a Business
  11. Maintaining, Defending or Settling a Court Case
  12. Creating or Acquiring Indebtedness, Mortgages and Security Interests
  13. Securing or Collecting Debts or Enforcing Mortgages and Security Interests
  14. Paying Foreign Entity Registration Fees or Taxes
  15. Appendix A: State vs. Federal Citizenship
  16. Appendix B: Document Guide
  17. Appendix C: Authentication Guide


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