This community and the products/services we offer are not intended for the mainstream or general public.

We do not generally accept all applicants. We generally prefer that applicants be referred by other members or organizations of which we approve. Referrals are given priority over all other applicants.

If you wish to join, you must be committed to learn law by Reading the Law. We have designed our law course for individuals who have at least one year of Internet-based research. You must have an open mind and be willing to learn facts that may be considered offensive to some people.


We determine eligibility based on a number of factors. The most important of which is citizenship. There are two types of citizens living in the continental United States: State Citizens and Federal citizens. It is up to you to understand which type you are. If we determine that you are not compatible with the service we provide, or that your reasons for joining are questionable, you will not be approved. We screen all contacts to make sure that only a certain quality of individual is given access.

Some reasons we may reject an application are:

  • Applicant is a Federal US citizen (14th Amendment citizen)
  • Applicant is a resident alien or beneficiary of a statutory trust
  • Applicant is living or working in a Federal territory, possession, location or federal zone
  • Applicant is functioning in a "Trade or Business" as defined in 26 USC § 7701(26)
  • Applicant is receiving a privilege, benefit, employment or agency in any way from any state or federal government
  • Applicant seeks to practice law without a license
  • Applicant has no experience doing research online
  • Applicant is sensitive about religious, political or economic views

We are looking primarily at an individual's character and personal integrity. You must have self-discipline. You will have the sole responsibility of dedicating enough time to your studies. We recommend about two hours each day, 4 days each week. This will keep your train of thought in motion and constantly gaining momentum toward mastery of the concepts we teach.

With regard to some controversial facts taught in the course, you must be emotionally willing to question common assumptions and challenge common beliefs or you will not learn the lessons associated with those facts.

Lastly, you must be able to follow instructions. To some extent all these abilities are taught in the law course, but they are largely expansions upon abilities you should already have, and we will look for signs of weakness in your registration and application data.