How much does a membership cost?

$799 one time. The membership is good forever. There are no renewal fees or additional fees for updates. You are what is called an L3 (Level 3) member, which means you will always get the full course and all perks.

How do I join?

To join, you must pay a one-time membership fee of $799 in the crypto currency of your choice. We generally prefer the currencies followed on (see below for a list). We will accept any other currency you would like to pay with as long as it is traded on a major digital asset exchange.

Step 1 — Register

Choose a username and contact us for activation instructions. This will give you access to the lobby of the group where you can fill out the Membership Agreement.

Step 2 — Order

When you order, you will gain immediate access to the Contract Is King Podcast, 450+ law ebooks, and 300+ sample contracts. You need to submit your Membership Agreement online or on paper before you receive the Lecture Outlines, Practice Questions, and Practice Cases.

If you choose the paper document, you must acknowledge your signature to a notary and you will have to mail it to the address provided. Notary fees may vary depending on the laws of your state, province or country.

Step 3 — Start Learning

We will process your Membership Agreement and email you the course materials. From there, you can begin taking notes using the Lecture Outlines. The Lecture Outlines are the key to having an effective and efficient learning experience.

Which types of payment do you accept?

We accept any crypto currency you would like to pay with as long as it is traded on a major digital asset exchange. If your preferred method is not listed, please contact us before placing your order.



Bitcoin Gold

Bitcoin Cash




Am I eligible to join?

This community and the products/services we offer are not intended for the mainstream or general public.

We do not generally accept all applicants. We generally prefer that applicants be referred by other members or organizations of which we approve. Referrals are given priority over all other applicants.

We determine eligibility based on a number of factors. The most important factor is citizenship. There are two types of citizens living in the continental United States: State Citizens and Federal citizens. It is up to you to understand which type you are. If we determine that you are not compatible with the service we provide, or that your reasons for joining are questionable, you will not be approved. We screen all contacts to make sure that only a certain quality of individual is given access.

Some reasons we may reject an application are:

  • Applicant is a Federal US citizen (14th Amendment citizen)
  • Applicant is a resident alien or beneficiary of a statutory trust
  • Applicant is living or working in a Federal territory, possession, location or federal zone
  • Applicant is functioning in a "Trade or Business" as defined in 26 USC § 7701(26)
  • Applicant is receiving a privilege, benefit, employment or agency in any way from any state or federal government
  • Applicant seeks to practice law without a license
  • Applicant has no experience doing research online
  • Applicant is sensitive about religious, political or economic views

How long does confirmation take?

Please work closely with us while your order is in transit so that we may promptly notify you when your shipment arrives. We will send you a detailed confirmation containing the estimated time to expect delivery of your completed order.

Generally, orders are processed within 24 hours of the time we receive your order. Upon completion, we will notify you the same day.

Please follow the instructions carefully or your order may be rejected. For a list of reasons why your order might be rejected, please read our New Member Policy.

If you would like to avoid delays, we suggest not using the US Postal Service (USPS) to send your order. USPS is best for postal money orders, not shipping. They are prone to errors in our experience, and we are not responsible for any mail or packages they fail to deliver for whatever reason.