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Chances are, if you have ever been to a major financial center, you have already been "recognized" by artificial intelligence that matched your face with government records. But there remains one final frontier that AI has not conquered. I'm talking about the ancient art of face reading. It begins with the question: What does your face say about you?

Face Reading

As smart as a device may be, no AI can tell you more than what the government's records say about a person. Other sentient beings, on the other hand, have a unique ability to use intuition to discover the essence of a man, woman or child.

When you know the meaning of certain things like cheek bone shape, nose and nostril size, hair and eye color, hair texture, ear size and shape, mouth size and shape, lip fullness or thinness, teeth alignment, hairline pattern, and bushy as opposed to thin eyebrows, you can use your intuition to figure out that individual's personality.

What you will see is all people share certain personality traits, especially within ethnic groups, but the features that stand out are an expression of someone's dominant personality traits. Those dominant traits are the archetypes that will guide you to the core of someone's personality. From there, it is up to you to study the person more carefully and look at their life.

Interestingly enough, prominent features can also be a record of major events that occurred in a person's life growing up. Things that happen to a child that are significant can affect the growth pattern of their facial features. For example, an uneven hairline is often a sign of a person who experienced a lot of instability or violence in the home when they were between 1-6 years old.

Knowing something like that will give you insight into how to approach them person or at least an understanding of how they may approach you in a business contract. Your foresight is now much closer to 20/20 vision than most people could imagine, and you have the benefit of predicting outcomes and behavior with fairly high accuracy. This skill will serve you very well if you are in a leadership position or one in which you work with people.

One particular book will help you gain the skill of face reading for yourself and even stop others from using your own face against you. The book is called Amazing Face Reading by Mac Fuller.

Fuller was a successful lawyer who won cases by picking juries that would favor his client's case. Over a period of several decades, he studies ancient face reading and developed a set of illustrations that show the meaning of certain prominent facial features. Since then he has gone on to teach seminars to some of the largest corporations in the world. Fuller has been featured on major television shows and has videos on the Internet where he demonstrates the accuracy of this art.

Amazing Face Reading

As you complete the Contract Is King course, it's a good idea to get Fuller's book. There are other books out there that are good, but Fuller's book is probably the best. It is a quick read full of references that will help you develop this skill. Not only are you learning what a lawyer knows about the law, but you can now do things like instantly predict the behavior of a potential business partner. You can easily know how to break the ice with or impress someone important, like a political ally or potential spouse. Or you can do what Mac Fuller did and get inside the mind of witnesses and jurors.

One of the beautiful things about the world in which we live is every action has an equal and opposite reaction. AI can never have your intuition. Unlike us, AI can never truly understand the essence of the millions of people whose faces it sees. With skills like face reading, the world is still ours.

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