Law Course

As a Member, you learn the art of civilized warfare. This Law Course teaches you exactly what lawyers are expected to know to pass a bar exam on three key subjects: contracts, land (real property) and evidence. These also just happen to be the most profitable areas of law to know. This course gives you the tools to transform your life and your business fortune in profoundly positive ways.

You won't spend hours listening to lectures that go on about irrelevant or exotic legal theories that don't work in court. Our course is carefully designed to teach, at a minimum, what you need to know about these laws in order to pass that section of a bar exam in most states.

Once you have enrolled, you take a triangular approach to learning this information.

Audio Lectures

First, listen to the podcast episodes while taking hand-written notes in the Lecture Outline we provide for each subject. Podcast lectures are given in plain English and at the pace of a normal conversation.

Practice Questions

Next, test yourself with practice questions. These are fact patterns that help you connect the dots and correctly apply the things discussed in the lectures. You should spend no more than 10 minutes on each question.

Practice Cases

Finally, sharpen your mind with mock cases. Each case will treat you as a young lawyer for either a defendant or plaintiff in the fictional State of Albion. Challenge yourself to win using the evidence and legal authorities.


What You Learn for $799

By the end of the course, you will know...

Evidence Law: Common Law and Federal Rules of Evidence

Evidence includes anything that establishes a fact. Master your understanding of how to use evidence effectively in and out of court and you will have the power to enforce your rights and preserve your remedies.

Main topics include:

  • Presentation of Evidence
  • Relevancy & Reasons for Exclusion
  • Privileges & Other Policy Exclusions
  • Writings, Recordings & Photographs
  • Hearsay & Admissibility

Contract Law: Common Law and Uniform Commercial Code § 2

A contract is a legally enforceable promise and the basis for most serious relationships. Master your understanding of them and you will have the power to decide your personal and business future.

Main topics include:

  • Formation of Contracts
  • Consideration
  • Third-Party Beneficiaries
  • Assignment of Rights & Delegation of Duties
  • Statutes of Frauds
  • Parol Evidence & Interpretation
  • Conditions
  • Remedies
  • Impossibility, Impracticability & Frustration of Purpose
  • Discharge

Real Property Law: Land Ownership, Title, Lord-Tenant Relationships, and Conveyances

Land and buildings on land are the pillars of wealth. Learn the important laws and legal standards applied to land ownership, title and interest, as well as contracts concerning real estate and you have the power to acquire and protect more property.

Main topics include:

  • Ownership
  • Rights in Land
  • Contracts & Conveyances
  • Mortgages
  • Title