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We are an exclusive community.

What you should know before you join.

We are a private community dedicated to teaching the law secrets that only lawyers are allowed to know. We are NOT federal U.S. citizens (14th Amendment citizens), resident aliens, nor beneficiaries. We are NOT living nor working in any Federal territory, possession, location or federal zone. We are NOT functioning in any "Trade or Business" as defined in 26 USC § 7701(26). We do not accept benefits from any government. You are not eligible to join if you are receiving any privilege, benefit, employment or agency in any way from any state or federal government.
Our goal is to give you the information that has been hidden. Our Law Course may truly be the only way you can learn what a lawyer knows without going to law school. We give you a shortcut to learning law by focusing on what lawyers need to know in order to pass a bar exam. We are offering a lot of material! Members get access to the Contract Is King Podcast, 450+ law e-books, 300+ sample contracts, and 5 special tutorials. Members also get access to Practice Questions and Lecture Outlines that line up with the podcast. To top it off, Members also get practice cases that greatly help you sharpen your mind.

What You Learn for $799

By the end of the course, you will know...

Evidence Law

  • Presentation of Evidence
  • Relevancy & Reasons for Exclusion
  • Privileges & Other Policy Exclusions
  • Writings, Recordings & Photographs
  • Hearsay & Admissibility

Contract Law

  • Formation of Contracts & Agreements
  • Consideration
  • Third-Party Beneficiaries
  • Assignment of Rights & Delegation of Duties
  • Statutes of Frauds
  • Parol Evidence & Interpretation
  • Conditions
  • Remedies
  • Impossibility, Impracticability & Frustration of Purpose
  • Discharge

Real Property Law

  • Ownership
  • Rights in Land
  • Contracts & Conveyances
  • Mortgages
  • Title
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